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Lead Renovating, Repair and Painting, Lead RRP

Prior to 1978, when it was banned in the United States due to the health complications that arise from exposure, lead paint was commonly used to decorate the interiors and exteriors of many homes. Unfortunately, lead paints tend to deteriorate with age, breaking up into tiny paint chips that can cling to wet surfaces, the most frightening of which being the fingers of small children. The health risks associated with lead paint make it increasingly important to renovate, remove and repaint lead paint that you may have in your home. However, attempting to remove lead paint by sanding it down on your own will only lead to even more unnecessary exposure, as this generates tiny dust particles that are easily inhaled and spread far and wide from the sanding area. For this reason, lead renovation, repair and paining should be left to persons trained to do the work safely. Marksmen Enterprises, LLC., can safely and effectively remove the lead paint from any surface in your home following the guidelines mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA for short.

Marksmen Enterprises, LLC, is a Lead-Safe Certified Renovation firm with a staffed EPA Lead Safe Certified Renovator per EPA Lead RRP Rule guidelines. Marksmen personnel are properly equipped and trained to perform your lead renovation repair and painting to the full extent, effectively returning your home to the safest condition possible.

Our reliable staff is always available to answer any questions or address any grant, funding, insurance or NJDEP concern.

Extremely professional & knowledgeable staff. They left the site just as they found it. They kept me in the loop about permits and pick up! Hands down best customer service, Debbie was great! I would recommend them to anyone!

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Angela Peacock

Removing an underground tank can be a frightening experience. The unknown of what you are going to find. I was lucky to find Marksmen Enterprises. They were friendly and very informative from the first phone call to the last. Read More

Andrew Romo

Debbie, Jeff, and Dave provided superb, outgoing service from site evaluation though permit processing. Their efforts to place a new double-walled fuel oil tank; and remove the old tank showed commitment to excellence that is a true confidence builder Read More

Mel Hughes


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