Vapor Intrusion Studies

Soil Vapor Intrusion has become a hot topic here in New Jersey and Marksmen Enterprises, LLC., is here to meet your vapor intrusion needs.

Let’s speak for a moment about contamination that can cause a vapor intrusion. A volatile organic compound or VOC for short, is a chemical that, due to its physical make-up, likes to evaporate when in a liquid state. A semi volatile organic compound or SVOC for short, can also evaporate when in a liquid state. This process turns the VOC and SVOC into an organic vapor. Both are also found in large quantities in petroleum products like gasoline and number 2 fuel oil also known as home heating oil.

Now, when an underground storage tank containing one of these petroleum products leaks, there is a chance for the contamination to work its way to what is known in the environmental field as an underground conduit. An underground conduit is like a highway, leading from one direction to another in the subsurface. One good example of an underground conduit is the type of soil, sand, silt, clay, in the area affected by contamination. The greater the sand content, the greater the permeability, and the better highway you have. This is why underground utilities like gas lines, water lines, electric lines, sewer lines and drain lines become such good underground conduits for contamination; they are all usually constructed with a layer of sand or other highly permeable material around them. When VOC and SVOC contamination comes in contact with one of these underground conduits, there is the possibility for the organic vapors to migrate along it, and create an even bigger environmental problem known as a vapor intrusion.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, or NJDEP for short, has developed vapor intrusion guidance that assists us in vapor intrusion studies.

Marksmen Enterprises, LLC, can provide you with all necessary services to comply with the NJDEP Vapor Intrusion Guidance. From evaluating soil vapor intrusion needs, through a determination on the degree of study needed, installation of temporary sampling points, collection of samples, data interpretation and reporting, Marksmen Enterprises, LLC., provides turn key service on this new requirement affecting contaminated sites.

Our reliable staff is always available to answer any questions or address any grant, funding, insurance or NJDEP concern.

Extremely professional & knowledgeable staff. They left the site just as they found it. They kept me in the loop about permits and pick up! Hands down best customer service, Debbie was great! I would recommend them to anyone!

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Angela Peacock

Removing an underground tank can be a frightening experience. The unknown of what you are going to find. I was lucky to find Marksmen Enterprises. They were friendly and very informative from the first phone call to the last. Read More

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Debbie, Jeff, and Dave provided superb, outgoing service from site evaluation though permit processing. Their efforts to place a new double-walled fuel oil tank; and remove the old tank showed commitment to excellence that is a true confidence builder Read More

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