Oil Tank Installation

Heating Oil Tank Installation

You’ve decided to remove your underground oil tank or replace your current old above ground tank due to its age. You’ve also decided to continue with oil as the fuel to heat your home for several very convincing reasons. Let’s now address the Oil Tank Installation choices and what will best meet your needs. You may have removed the underground oil tank for several reasons.

One of those reasons is the desire or need to market your home. The presence of an Underground Oil Tank may have led to a mandatory removal in order to complete the listing or closing of the sale. The replacement oil tank installation costs must figure in the tank you choose. A Marksmen Enterprises, LLC Adviser will review your specific needs, evaluate the options and present you with the various replacement fuel oil tank installation costs to satisfy your goals.

Another reason is the desire to eliminate or prevent an environmental impact caused by a leaking underground fuel oil tank or lessen the impact from a currently leaking tank. Home heating oil presents significant advantages over other fuels. Some applications require very specific fuel oil tank configurations, placements, supply and refill. Your Marksmen Enterprises, LLC Adviser can and will address those needs and advise to your satisfaction.

Oil tanks come in many sizes so what is best for you? While underground oil tank installation is still available, is it the best solution for your specific requirements? When underground oil tanks were the norm, larger tanks posed no appearance liability. Above ground oil tank installations, while environmentally more appealing, can present aesthetic challenges. There are solutions, and your Marksmen Enterprises, LLC Adviser can present various options as well as answer all of you questions.

There are some instances where you may have no other option but to install a new underground oil tank while replacing your old one. While the concern of “out of site out of mind” exists, these aren’t the old days of underground oil tank installation. Not only are tank installation firms more educated in the proper installation of an underground tank, but the underground tank itself has come a long way.

The venerable 500 gallon STI-P3 Double Wall underground oil tank is the THE tank of the day. Cathodically protected, with sacrificial anodes to attract the electrical properties of soil away from the tank, it comes with a 10 year limited warranty when storing number 2 heating oil and is the superior underground oil tank.

So, it’s time to choose a new above ground oil tank. The Roth double walled Roth Tough Tank with it’s environmentally friendly design and construction is always an excellent choice. This is the only tank that Marksmen stands behind.

Every home is different. Every piece of property is different. Curb appeal means many things to many people. We all would like the best solutions in meeting the heating and fuel needs for our homes. Interior above ground oil tank installations have become widely accepted with newer more appealing solutions. Outdoor above ground oil tank installations can meet the more demanding aesthetics for today’s homeowners. Fuel oil tanks, while not being the focus of designers have progressed, and there are choices for any application. Your Marksmen Enterprises, LLC Adviser can help.

Our reliable staff is always available to answer any questions or address any grant, funding, insurance or NJDEP concern.

Extremely professional & knowledgeable staff. They left the site just as they found it. They kept me in the loop about permits and pick up! Hands down best customer service, Debbie was great! I would recommend them to anyone!

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Angela Peacock

Removing an underground tank can be a frightening experience. The unknown of what you are going to find. I was lucky to find Marksmen Enterprises. They were friendly and very informative from the first phone call to the last. Read More

Andrew Romo

Debbie, Jeff, and Dave provided superb, outgoing service from site evaluation though permit processing. Their efforts to place a new double-walled fuel oil tank; and remove the old tank showed commitment to excellence that is a true confidence builder Read More

Mel Hughes